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Tip-toeing through the fog, it's hard to see clearly. As a leader, you're swamped by a life-sucking soup of emails, details, demands, and decisions. Everyone wants your attention. You can't see your priorities through the fog. The same goes for your board and staff. Everyone is up to her earlobes with things to do.

We can help you sweep away the fog and find focus. We do so by using a special form of executive coaching known as Consultative Coaching, which is a blend of technical advice and pure coaching. It answers the technical and "best practice" questions that you raise and uses a series of probing questions to help you gain the insight you'll need to move toward your next steps. 

One strong advantage of the coaching is that it gives you an objective voice, one that is trusted, experienced, and confidential. You may find it awkward or inappropriate to confide in members of your own team, yet you need the wisdom of someone else. Rarely do we hear of a situation that we haven't encountered in some form.

Before entering a formal coaching agreement, we prefer to offer you a pro bono session in which we can hear your story without charge or expectation. We'll provide some initial insight and guidance during that time.

The coaching may be conducted over the phone, so proximity is not a requirement. With a formal coaching arrangement we'll have one or two scheduled coaching sessions per month (approximately one hour each). We'll include the Help Desk, which means that you can call or email spontaneously when you need quick insight beyond the scheduled sessions.

With the Focused Board retreat, we'll bundle coaching before and after.

Let us coach you to sharpen your focus and impact. You might be surprised by how effective it can be. To get ready for sharpened focus:

Thank you for your work. I credit (it) as the start of breaking paradigms and getting people to think in different ways. —BK, Pastor, Ohio

Every interaction we have ever had truly has shaped my life. And as you have poured into my life and spurred me on to places I never thought I would go, I look forward to making such a difference in the lives of others. —DW, Student, Georgia

I appreciate you being able to call me to tough decisions and I hope it makes me a better leader in the end. —MG, Board President, Colorado

Sid is an expert as a board coach. He asks challenging questions and offers insight that leads his client to take action steps. Sid assists in the transformation of a passive board to become a more engaged and unified board. I am a different, more confident leader, our board is engaged and our ministry is fulfilling its mission. —CM, CEO, Georgia