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Starting and managing a 501(c)(3) nonprofit can be a daunting task. Before you start a 501(c)(3), ask yourself some vital questions and make sure that you are satisfied with the answers:

  • Is the service I want to provide already being offered by others in my area?
  • Do I need to establish a separate organization to perform this service, or can it be done as a sole proprietorship or as a service under the banner of another organization (such as a local church)?
  • Am I able to find the right kind of people for the board? You’ll need people who are wise, capable, teachable, and relational. They absolutely must have a passion for the work and the capacity to invest significant time into board service. They must be willing to learn the duties of board membership and to be more than a passive group of your friends.
  • Am I sufficiently versed in the workings of a nonprofit, especially with regard to its unique legal position?
  • Do I have a trusted attorney who can help prepare the application for nonprofit recognition (IRS Form 1023)?
  • Am I able to find adequate administrative help for managing the details that come with running a nonprofit organization?
  • Do I adequately understand the reporting requirements incumbent upon the organization? (This includes the organizational tax return, quarterly employment tax reports, monthly deposits, state reporting requirements, etc.)
  • Will I be able to take the personal financial hit that will come until the organization has sufficient funding?
  • Do I have an adequate supply of potential major donors? If not, do I have a network that is able to direct me to such people?
  • Am I ready to spend 25-50% of my productive time networking and fundraising?
  • Am I ready to acknowledge that I must be accountable to the board of directors? The government regards them as the “first officers” of the corporation. Collectively, the board is your boss.
  • Do I have a sufficient database to give me a good starting point for a mailing list?

You may wish to visit www.irs.gov and download the latest version of IRS Publication 557, "Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization."

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