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Sharpened Focus is the consulting practice of Dr. Sid Webb, an expert in board development and NGO best practices.

During 30 years of experience in starting and leading nonprofit organizations, Sid saw that although healthy board governance was vital to organizational success, many boards were disengaged and confused about their duties. Their meetings were often unproductive and wasteful of time. Sid believed that we didn’t have to live with such dysfunctionality, so he conducted his doctoral research on the duties of nonprofit governing boards. After receiving an award for his work, Sid launched Sharpened Focus to help nonprofits strengthen their structures and impact, especially regarding governance.

Dr. Webb’s passion is to help your organization deliver a profound impact. He believes that to revitalize a board we must address the "soft issues" as well as the “hard” ones. He’s found that it’s as important to address interpersonal relationships, roles, and styles of change as it is to cover the technical, structural questions.

Sid has decades of seminar leader experience with international organizations. He has produced and presented nonprofit best practice sessions around the world and has developed coaching and training curricula to help nonprofits with board development, fundraising, logic models, business plans, transition plans, and administration. 

Dr. Webb also is the founder of CoreFoundations, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to empower local communities to legally establish and operate off-campus, credited, religion classes for public school students. Sid helped local communities in Georgia and South Carolina to grow their programs from three to over 100. 

Sid earned degrees from St. Petersburg College, Florida State University, and Dallas Theological Seminary (masters and doctorate). He has been married to Susan for 39 years. Their daughter teaches at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Webb bases his work out of Colorado Springs and is on the board of CLA Colorado Springs.

I don’t know of anyone who has a better handle on nonprofit boards and the duty of care. He’s amazing. I have the highest respect for his knowledge and his integrity. You just can’t get any better help than what Sid Webb provides. —DH, Colleague, Georgia

Sid has the listening skills to go beyond what people say and recognize what they mean. He has the perceptiveness to identify what should be done to translate their needs into action. And he has the integrity and perseverance to see a project through to completion. He never loses sight of the fact that it’s the people, not the organizations, that matter. (As to) his spiritual commitment, integrity, organizational and leadership ability, or dependability, I saw first-hand how Sid continually exhibited all of those qualities. —TO, Colleague, Georgia