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We work with people because we believe in their calling, their mission, and the potential impact of their organization. Our engagement with the organization will move the mission forward and impact the leadership, staff, and "customers." The engagement is a partnership, working alongside you for your success. The issue is, What are the outcomes that we are trying to achieve? The only logical way to determine pricing is to figure out what the outcomes are. If we can help you “land” them, we'll all find great significance in our work and feel good about our partnership. Our work will be a joint stewardship, with value for all. 

We'lI typically offer a pro bono coaching session to begin with, no strings attached. We’ll meet for an hour (by phone, video conference, or in person) and we’ll hear your story, find out more about your organization, and give value-added coaching. Then, if both parties would like to move forward, we'll work out a proposal that includes pricing. We’ll agree on your organization’s current needs, the outcomes you’re seeking to produce, and the cost to land these outcomes. We'll offer a value that most find to be a very worthwhile investment. The charge will be commensurate with our years of experience and expertise, but at a very reasonable cost compared with for-profit business consultants.

Once we have an agreement, we’ll get to work! Some of the work will be done in person, at a site of your choosing. Some will be done over the phone or via email. Depending on the project, some may be done in our office. For more information: