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Sharpened Focus offers other project, retreat, and speaking services:

SPACE Retreat (Strategic Planning) We use the "SPACE" process to guide you through strategic planning. SPACE stands for Setup, Positioning, Analysis, Charting, and Execution.

Transition with HONOR
We guide boards and leaders through transition issues, using board retreats, board presentations, and coaching (often of the CEO and board chair). HONOR stands for Heritage, Organic, New, Ownership, and Respect. Your organization has a legacy that must be passed down with integrity. Your DNA must be preserved, yet allowed to grow. All parties in the transition must own the process and respect each other.

Team Facilitation and Troubleshooting
We use the insight and guidance of an experienced and objective party to build their teams and work through their issues.

Manuals, Policies, and Surveys
We lift a burden from you by writing your manuals, policies, business plans, surveys, and studies.

Business Plan Development
We can help you shape your personal or organizational business plan. Let us help you identify your values, your target audience, your service offerings, and your revenue stream/fee structure.

Speaking Events
We have delivered keynote sessions, workshops, and courses to a wide variety of groups. We're especially skilled at emceeing events. Our messages have included:

  • The Goldilocks Board: Getting Your Board Engaged at the Right Level
  • Answers to Common Board Problems
  • How to Produce Catalytic Board Change
  • Who's Got the Worms? (i.e., who sets the agenda, the board or the CEO?)
  • How to Downsize--and Why You Want to
  • Kingdom Entrepreneurship
  • Building What Counts (what we learned through our Black Forest fire experience)

To discuss your situation and needs:

We were very pleased with the time. Thanks so much for pushing to the edges--exactly where our team needed to go. —MA, CEO, Colorado

Sid has great insights and understands business relationships and especially the inner workings of non-profits. His professional expertise, humor and tact are valuable assets for non-profit leaders and their boards. —AM, Colleague, Georgia

On behalf of the entire [school], thank you. I heard nothing but positive reports from staff, students, and friends. The messages were a welcome mix of inspiration and instruction. —NH, Professor, South Dakota

Within my 31 years of ministry I honestly confess that this is the first time I have been exposed to such awesome teachings. I firmly believe that you are a gift from God and I look forward to many more hours of learning under you. —KJ, Pastor, Sri Lanka