Dr. Webb has several decades of nonprofit leadership and training experience. What drives him is to help you increase your impact for good, by sharpening your vision and focusing your execution. He’ll help you tackle your challenges and have greater cohesion on your team. Not only will you achieve more, but you’ll also have greater peace of mind. Peace of mind has high intangible value in its own right.

Dr. Webb did award-winning research on nonprofit board governance and best practices. He has trained leaders all over the USA and around the world, in countries as diverse as Russia, China, India, Sri Lanka, and Peru.

Although he speaks to all areas of best practice, he focuses on two major ones:

1. The healthy function of the governing board and the CEO

2.Effective leadership transition.

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Sid is an excellent coach for organizations working to expand their influence–specifically in the development of boards of directors. His guidance, encouragement, and 30+ years of experience with nonprofit boards are much appreciated. I’ve spoken with 12 leaders who worked with Sid for a year or more; all of them pointed to tremendous board development/problem solving that occurred with Sid’s consultancy and coaching. In addition, Sid is an excellent speaker with particular expertise in board development. He intentionally relates to and encourages seminar participants.