Your concern is that your leaders need to do better with their roles and responsibilities.

Our answer is the Focused Board Retreat: Board development done the interactive way.

Focused Board is a retreat with the board and CEO in which we guide the board to a higher level of understanding and engagement. We clarify its responsibilities and help it develop a plan for the right structure of roles and personnel. We often use the retreats to make strategic plans or prepare for executive transition.

Consider the amount of time the CEO spends on the organization compared to the time the board spends. It’s 2,500 hours a year versus 25 hours. What a difference! The board has legal responsibility for the corporation but the CEO is the expert on the work. Board members may not be clear about their responsibilities and may have a weak understanding of the organization’s programs and issues. We help boards and CEOs bridge these gaps and achieve harmony of purpose and action. That leads to greater accomplishment of your mission and priceless peace of mind.

For the best impact, we recommend coaching before and after the event. Coaching helps us to prepare for the retreat and to walk with you afterward to increase the likelihood that you’ll land your action items. For more information on Focused Board, click here.

Leader Coaching

Perhaps you’re a leader craving clarity and encouragement. The solution is leader coaching: Let us help you get focused!

Leadership is a lonely place. Sometimes you feel like you are on an island by yourself. You’d love to have the listening ear of someone with maturity and discretion. Someone with whom you are free to vent. Someone who can help you crystalize your priorities and think clearly about how to move forward.

Leader coaching is a dialogue focused on your goals. It’s not a lecture or pontification from a hot-air consultant. I have coached hundreds of leaders around the globe. They’ll often remark that I helped them to sharpen their focus. I call it “consultative coaching,” because when necessary I blend technical advice with the pure coaching.

How does it work? Easy! Coaching may be conveniently conducted over the phone, so close proximity is not a requirement. We’ll typically have one or two scheduled sessions per month, plus what we call the Help Desk (contact us as needed).

“Sid is an expert as a board coach. He asks challenging questions and offers insight in a coaching session that leads his client to take action steps and/or go the extra mile. Sid assists in the transformation of a passive board to become a more engaged and unified board. His personal and professional experience and his passion to help ministries succeed are valuable assets. As a result, I am a different, more confident leader, our board is engaged and our ministry is fulfilling its mission. —Connie Menser, Founder and CEO, Full Supply, Georgia